My Zellig 2 – Getting Started

This is project #2 for the month of November. I’m getting started a day early! I took the little free design I shared with all of you on my blog anniversary and added to it. Below on the left is the original tile and on the right is the new design I’ve created.



You can see elements of the original in my design and this is as complicated as I will go with this design. I really like this new version. The colors in the chart are close to what I’ll actually be using for this tile. One of my favorite color combinations.

This design is about 6 inches square so I can make the elements a little bigger and use more stitches. I want to use a lot of Mosaic stitches to see if that makes it look more like a real zellig design made up little mosaic tiles. So I started with the four center squares, stitched in Mosaic stitch. The canvas is an antique green and brown. The white sections in the design above will allow the canvas to show through. I’ll have to be careful with the colors I choose for several areas because of this.

Zellig2-1I’ll continue with the 4 squares that are stitched on point. Then I’ll extend some of the sides of the squares to create the framework for the full tile.

Another blogger, Anne Stradal of will be stitching of a variation of this tile in the days to come, so check in on her as well. She’s making it into a Christmas tree ornament for herself. I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll be watching her work too. This should be fun – two different interpretations on the same design. I’m looking forward to it!


2 responses to “My Zellig 2 – Getting Started

  1. I’ve had this one in my files for a long time – if I can find it, I may try it too. I just couldn’t figure out how to do the center – but you turned it, and it looks great! It’s that interwoven caning effect that intrigues me – on the sides and corners. I’ll summon up the time and energy, maybe, and try it.

  2. Slight change of plans, Jan. I decided a box lid insert would be more appropriate for a tile design. Let me finish my current project and paint the Zellig canvas, and I’ll be right behind you!

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