My Zellig 2 – Progress 1

I’ve had a busy couple of days and didn’t get much stitching done. I did get to my LNS yesterday to look over Silk & Ivory colors and try to narrow down the colors I will use on the new rug when I start it later this month. I want to try out different combinations for the borders, so I did a little playing last night. I’ve already eliminated one color, so I’ll keep playing and see what happens.

On the Zellig 2 tile, I showed you the middle four squares done in tan. I planned to use a darker tan for the squares that are on point. I decided I didn’t like the color and ripped it all out. Because the canvas is sage green and has a mottled look done in brown, I decided I needed a much lighter color for the middle squares and the other outlines that work out from the squares. I switched to Anchor #926 – ecru. I like this much better. After the squares were stitched, I started working the lines that extend from the squares and travel across the canvas to the outside border.

While I was counting and stitching, I ran into a small problem. I want to use Mosaic Stitch for a lot of this piece. The distance I had designed from the middle squares to the octagon that surrounds them is fine – an even number of threads. But the distance between the octagon and the outside border was 9 threads. This was easily corrected by adding one more thread between the two sections. I find this to be one of the problems with designing on the computer with cross stitch software. I can’t write the instructions for stitching the design until I have stitched it, as problems like this keep popping up. I have to work slowly until I have one part completed and know that it works before I can continue to stitch around the whole design. I can’t find a Mac software program that does stitch diagrams like StitchWiz on Windows.

Now I have finished one quarter of the outlines done in ecru and started on the next one. Here’s how it looks today.

Zellig2-1I tried a new color for the squares that are on point and I’m not sure it’s dark enough. I’m not sure they stand out enough. And the square isn’t square – the left side is bigger than the right side. The right side is correct so I need to rip out the left side. I’ll do that after I make a decision on what color to use for the on point squares and the lines that travel out from the center.

Anne Stradal ( has just posted her version of this tile. She has painted the outlines and selected colors she will be using, so be sure to check in with Anne as well. You’ll be able to see two versions of this zellig tile being blog-stitched at the same time.!  I’m look forward to seeing how she stitches this.


2 responses to “My Zellig 2 – Progress 1

  1. I have a little bump stitch I invented to use where the count is odd and you can’t use smyrna cross or double Leviathan – I’ll talk to you by e-mail tomorrow.

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