My Zellig 2 – Progress 2

Two steps forward and one step back. I’ve decided to keep the second shade of ecru that I’m using for the on point squares. But the Gobelin stitch over two threads wasn’t working at all. I can’t keep all the stitching going in the same direction throughout the piece, so I ripped out what I had done in that color. I’ve gone back to Mosaic stitch to do them.

Zellig2-2The first quarter of the design has the framework completed, and I’ve started on the second one. All the squares on point are completed. But I’ve run out of Anchor #926 – the lighter color. I ordered some a few days ago and it should be here any day now.

While I wait for more thread, I decided to start working on the center. I’ve stitched two of the arms in very dark green (Anchor #218) using Diagonal Mosaic. The one that is on a slant looks great, but the one that in straight up and down is squared off. I’ll need to decide if I should remove  two stitches that are over one thread in the darker ecru and redo them in dark green. I hate ripping out stitches, but if it will look better, I’ll do it. This is why I don’t write instructions until I’ve stitched it – to find these little deviations that make the design look better.

Anne at The Cape Stitcher has just posted her second progress report as well. No, we’re not having a contest to see who can finish first. I normally post every three days and I try to keep to that schedule. And I’m quite sure that Anne will finish first.

I also spend time each day stitching (or planning) three projects at the same time. Last night I was working on a general plan for the next rug, then went back to stitching on this project. I also managed to finish the last of three large stockings for my three granddaughters. Now I need to get good backing material for them so I can get them finished and sent the first week of December.


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