My Zellig 2 – Progress 4

The on point squares have been adapted now so I was able to complete the dark green diamonds. Here they are all completed.

Zellig2-4So now I can finally get started on all the other parts of the tile and lots of color! I said that I wanted to use all Mosaic stitches and so far I’ve used the traditional Mosaic stitch for all the framework. Then I used Diagonal Mosaic for the diamonds. Time to start work on another Mosaic stitch. This one is called Framed Mosaic. I started by stitching the traditional Mosaic stitch in an overdye floss – leaving one thread between them horizontally and vertically. Then I went back and filled in those empty spaces with a medium green Continental stitch. Here’s one section that I have completed so far.

Zellig2-5When these four sections are completed, I’ll start on the sections next to the diagonals. I’ll use the same stitches and threads. When all the overdye and medium green are completed, I’ll start on the four corner sections. There will be some sections that will not be stitched, allowing the vintage canvas to show through.

Don’t forget to check out Anne’s version at The Cape Stitcher – she’s farther along and the colors are very different from mine. It’s fun seeing what different people decide to do with the same design. It gives all of you an idea of what you can do with a project you are working on. Try changing colors or change a stitch or two and see how it changes everything. It’s a lot of fun and lets your personality shine through.


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