My Zellig 2 – Progress 5

I showed you a little of the Framed Mosaic last time. The first thing I did was finish that section up. Here’s a photo of half of the piece with all the medium green in place.

Zellig2-6Then I needed to put some Antique Mauve into the corners. I tried the darkest shade I had and it didn’t look right. It looked too red in comparison to the mauve in the overdye. I ripped it out and did some rethinking. I came up with Mosaic Checker in the two darkest shades that I had left after removing what I had stitched. Mosaic Checker is done with Mosaic done in every other two threads. Then you go back with a different color and do four Basketweave stitches. Here’s the first corner all stitched up.

Zellig2-7I like the way this looks and stitched the other three corners. There are open spaces in the corners that let the canvas show through. This light green and brown canvas add the lightest shade of green without having to do any stiching. Now I have the area between the large 8-point star and the corners to stitch. The center will be stitched last.



4 responses to “My Zellig 2 – Progress 5

  1. That’s why needlepoint is so much fun! Different people see different things in a piece. Anyone can change the colors or a stitch and change how the whole piece looks. I said I wanted to use as many Mosaic stitches as possible – and I’ve used 4 different versions of the stitch. Anne used the traditional Mosaic stitch for most of her version and it turned out beautifully!! We just see things differently. It’s always interesting to see how things turn out. I think we need to do something like this again. Maybe we could get 4-5 people to stitch the same piece and see how different and wonderful they are.

  2. This is beautiful – and I love the colors. Flower garden, indeed. This is what people should do – choose their own colors and use different ideas to make it personal. Same pattern, but look what you and Anne did with it. Both lovely, and quite different, reflecting your own individual tastes.

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