My Zellig 2 Finale

I worked on the zellig yesterday and completed it! I started by working on the space between the outer framework and the 8-point star. I started with the dark green triangles stitched in Kreinik 1/16 ribbon in Vintage Emerald so it wouldn’t have much of a shine. The arrows were stitched in floss using the traditional Mosaic stitch. Half the tops were stitched with the same color as the squares that are done on point. The other half in a shade darker. The rest of the arrows were stitched alternating the two antique mauve shades from the outer corners. I had tried the lighter shades for the arrows and they just didn’t show up against the green canvas. These are still fairly light, but I’m hoping they’ll look okay. I didn’t want to use any new colors at this point.

toThen it was on to the center. I started by stitching the interior 8-point star created by the squares. I used the traditional Mosaic stitch for this. Then I used Basketweave to separate the small 8-point star from the center. This was done in Kreinik #8 braid. The center – I’ve had several comments saying that it looked like a garden, so I decided to play on that! I used 4 strands of floss and laid it carefully in a circular Rhodes stitch. Then I went around the circle a second time, using a dark wine #4 Kreinik braid. And here is the final photo – all done!

My version is drastically different from the one Anne stitched on The Cape Stitcher, but we started with the same design and used mostly floss. This is why I keep telling you to play and have fun when you needlepoint. If you hadn’t been told, would you think that  Anne and I used the same design? Each version is wonderful and reflects the personality of the stitcher.

Next time you pick up a project to work on, think about making a few changes – change one or two colors to fit your own decor or change a stitch to one of your favorites. Have fun!!


4 responses to “My Zellig 2 Finale

  1. Wow, this turned out so great! I love the center. Now it REALLY looks like a flower garden. The difference between yours and Anne’s is startling! Beautiful.

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