Medallion Rug Practice Stitching Borders

Since I’m going to be using 4 different borders on this rug, it’s time to play with some border designs. I’ve used the Snake Skeleton before on the Middle Atlas Rug, but I’ll use new colors for it this time. The picture is dark – Merlot borders, the fish are two shades of red, the background is Midnight, but I might try Navy to see it that brightens it up a little, and the skeleton stitches are Dijon. The section going vertically has a lighter skeleton, and I won’t use that. It would draw too much attention from the rest of the border.

Then I tried a border of 8-pointed stars, which I like but haven’t decided on a background color yet. I also tried a border of diamonds on point with cross stitches inside. This looks good on paper but I’m not sure it will work on the rug.

I’ve seen a border in the Moroccan embroideries and some rugs that looks like a backward S. I had to play with this one for a while to figure out how to needlepoint it. I’ve got it working if it goes in a straight line, but the center will have a border around an octagon. I’m still trying to figure out if I can work on a slant. If not, it will have to be one of the borders that go around the entire rug. I used Mosaic stitch for the outer border of this one, but it will have to be changed. As you can see, there is an extra stitch along one side of the S repeat. So I’ll probably switch to Cashmere stitch which is done over 3 threads and will work out better.

I like three of these enough to pencil them in for the rug. I’m still playing with other possibilities in order to decide a fourth border. Since I’ll have to start with the borders, you won’t have to wait more than a week or so to see which one I’ll be starting with.

The next post will show some motifs I’ve been working on to use at the top and bottom of the rug.


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