Medallion Rug Practicing Motifs

I’m been working on the motifs that I want to use on the rug. I need two different motifs that will be used at the top and bottom of the rug. When I have that figured out, then I’ll design the  actual medallion for the center of the rug. I’ve worked on three motifs so far. The first one is called Scorpion. It’s done with straight stitches and you see what the problem is with this – the canvas shows through at times.

To avoid this, I’m trying to design motifs that use slanted stitches instead. This will make the rug look better and I won’t have to worry about the canvas showing through. The second motif I’m calling the Diamond Trellis. I’ve used the Diagonal Mosaic stitch for the trellis and straight stitches for the rest. This one is looking fairly good at this point. I may make slight changes to it. I haven’t decided yet.

The third motif is my favorite one. I’m just calling it the Octagon. I sketched it out on graph paper and I liked the look of it. Then I stitched part of it to see how it would look. This one will definitely be used on the rug.

I’m getting closer to real stitching time. Hopefully, I’ll be showing the start of the first border on the actual rug in my next post.


3 responses to “Medallion Rug Practicing Motifs

  1. I really really like the way the bottom motif looks. I’m going to play with the top one tomorrow, and see what I can do with it. I do like these colors.

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