Medallion Rug – Progress 2

Oh, how easily things can change. I was merrily stitching away on the little fish border and when I got to the end of the row, I had a problem. The fish  heads meet nicely at the beginning of the row, but when you get to the end, there are fish tails. And no matter what I tried, I couldn’t make the corner look neat and tidy. I pulled out all the fish on the right half of the row and started again with fish heads meeting at the corner. The corners are the same now and look very nice. But – turning the fish the opposite way left a couple extra stitches in the middle. I will go back today and take out the 8-9 stitches in the very middle and come up with a solution that looks a little nicer than the one shown in the photos.

I needed a break away from fish, so I started on the second border. I came up with a new way to do the 8-pointed star and stitched across the row in the lightest of the reds – Claret. In the bottom photo, you can see that I started from each end and worked toward the middle. There is one star, in the exact middle, with extra space around it. I knew this was coming and have something worked out for the small middle section. The Smyrna Cross the middle of each star was stitched using Burgundy.

I’ll be using Classic Navy and Curry to fill in the open areas. I need to work up the sides a little and then I’ll start the last border. The last border goes quickly and is a very thin border so it shouldn’t take long to complete.

Here is the rug after 5 days.


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