Medallion Rug – Progress 3

I’ve been quite busy over the last few days. It’s now 7 days since I started this rug and things are really taking shape. The second border is complete across the width of the rug and a small third border has been added. Here’s a photo of all 3 of them.

The photo seems a little bright to me. But you can see the details better. The star border was completed by adding small cross stitches to the corners of the stars using Curry. Then the spaces that were left were filled in with slanted stitches in Classic Navy. While the first border was rather subdued, this border is much brighter. So to balance things, I added the small border in the same darker reds that were used in the Fish Skeleton. This little border will also be used to separate the two motif rows from the center medallion area.

Then I went back to the Fish Skeleton border and took out the center 8 stitches. By reducing the fish skeleton by one stitch, I was able to get two fish tails to come together in the middle. By putting in the two longest “bones” in Dijon, it formed a diamond shape for the center. You can also see how I filled in the space around the center star. I continued the same process for the last, small border by making the slanted stitches meet in the middle. This looks much better now and I feel better about it.

I’ll continue to add to the borders as I work my way up the rug now. I’ll be adding the first of two motif rows next. After the first full week of stitching, this is how the rug looks. Two inches completed across the width of the rug. Only 30 more inches to go. (Yes, I”m nuts to concentrate on such large pieces, but I love them and will continue to create 3-4 new ones each year.)


4 responses to “Medallion Rug – Progress 3

  1. Whew! I was worrying about those border centers. Your diamond in the middle of the fishbones is a perfect fix. This is going to be lovely. I enjoy watching you design these pieces.

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