Medallion Rug – Progress 4

It’s time to work on the two motif rows for this rug. I’ve shown you a small sample of each of them. I decided to start with the Diamond motif first because it uses Navy  for the framework. The second motif uses mostly reds so it will be a good break before all the Navy in the center of the rug.

I started by stitching the framework across the row using Diagonal Mosaic.

Things are a little busy around the house this week, so I haven’t had too much time for stitching. I’ve completed only part of the red diamonds. Here’s a close-up of part of it. I’m alternating four red threads across the rows. The X in the middle of the diamonds uses the darkest shade of red from the outer borders for the two lightest diamonds. I used the lightest shade of red for the X on the two darker diamonds.

No problems on this motif at all. Yeah!

Next I’ll finish the motif row and work the borders another 4 inches up the sides. Here is the rug so far.

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