Medallion Rug – Progress 5

Not much progress this time. I finished the Diamond Motif band. I decided to add the thin border above it before I start the next motif. You can see that the last row of the thin border is not quite finished.

I started the next motif – Octagon – but haven’t gotten very far.

I’ve also done some work on the borders going up the left side. I’ll continue adding to the borders going up the right side over the next few days and adding to the Octagon motif row. When I stop stitching tonight, it will be exactly two weeks since I started the rug. Not bad for two weeks, considering how large the rug will be. After the holidays I should have more time for stitching and hopefully things will move along a little faster.


5 responses to “Medallion Rug – Progress 5

  1. I really like the Diamond band, the colors are fantastic, it looks so rich and I like the variation across the band in the reds.

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