Medallion Rug – Progress 6

I have an excuse for not getting much done over the last couple of days. My DH bought me a new floor frame to make my life easier when it comes to stitching these rugs I love. He’s such a sweetheart!! It’s called Twin Towers and it’s made by American Dream Products. They also make lap stands, etc. so you might want to check them out. Here is the frame put together using the 36″ extension arms so it can handle my current rug. It came with 24″ extensions, but I think the larger ones will get used more because of the size of the projects I do.

Excuse the room please. My needlepoint room is the smallest room in the house and is quite a busy place. I obviously won’t be using the rocking chair for a while. I wanted to try out the frame immediately, so I put my rug on new stretcher bars that are 24″ X 34″ and had to fold under the extra two inches on the side I already have stitched. I don’t have 36″ stretcher bars. Putting the canvas on the frame the long way, I started working on the outer border. See how easy it will be for me to stitch from now on. I’m in needlepoint heaven!!

Then on Tuesday, I turned the canvas the other direction and started to work on the Octagon motif.

I’ve made one change to the Octagon motif, changing the red from the a lighter color to a darker one. The lighter color seemed too bright and would detract from the overall design. So now I’m pleased with the colors and working away.

I’ve almost finished the first steps across the row. Over the weekend, I will finish the Octagons and hope to do the stitching around the Octagons. Then I will have to work on the Star Border on both side before I can do anything else. Here is the rug today.


5 responses to “Medallion Rug – Progress 6

  1. A lovely new floor stand! But my question is about the stacked drawers to the left of the photo. I have been looking for a new set of drawers (Crate and Barrell no longer sells the ones I have and love.). Do you know where yours came from? I’d love to know the source.

  2. Those octagons are beautiful. It’s amazing how you fit these geometric elements into the space so perfectly. Love the colors!

  3. Wonderful room, wonderful frame, fantastic rug! The octagons are super. And I have the same kind of thread cabinet you do, aren’t they great?!

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