Medallion Rug – Progress 7

The Octagon motif row is now completed. I filled in the areas around the Octagons using Dijon, Midnight, and a little Paprika. I kept the stitching fairly plain because I wanted the Octagons to be the main focus. The center of the Octagons are one of my favorite stitches – Rhodes stitch done in two colors. I used the Midnight thread first going around the diamond shape in every other hole. Then I filled in the remaining holes with Paprika.

With this row completed, the rug is now 7 inches long. Here’s a detail photo of the three borders and the two motif rows.

You can see the shape of the medallion in this last photo (including where I goofed up trying to center it). Before I can start on the center area, I need to work on the borders that will define the center area. I’ll work on the left side first until I am close to the middle of the long side of the rug. Like the bottom borders, I will need to work the Skeleton from the top of the rug down to the middle to see how the two sides will meet. Then do the same with the Star border. I can continue to work on borders as I start the center section, once the left side is completed about half way up. I’ll try to get that far before Christmas and then take a couple days off for the holidays. Here is the rug this morning.


5 responses to “Medallion Rug – Progress 7

  1. This is just so very beautiful! I think it’s my favorite of what you’ve done. The colors and the stitch/design are magnificent.

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