Medallion Rug – Progress 8

Not much stitching getting done in these last few days before Christmas. We’ll have company for the next few days, so I won’t be doing any stitching any time soon.

What I have been able to do this week is start the borders down the left side of the rug (on the bottom in the photo below). I couldn’t do the center of the borders until I started at the top and worked my way down to the middle, like I had to do with the borders across the bottom.

When I have time next week, I’ll finish these borders up. Then I can start work on the center of the rug. I’ll outline the medallion and start on the navy background.

Have a great holiday everyone!  I’ll see you sometime next week.


3 responses to “Medallion Rug – Progress 8

  1. I love your work, and this one is so large- what kind of stand do you use- looks like it holds the bars from both sides. I am in the market for a stand and often do work larger than 20 inches or so. Do you recommend the one you are using? Thanks for your input. Cindy

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