Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 13

Still not a lot of time for stitching this week. But what little time I had I worked on the medallion. I’m working my way around the medallion, stitching the little snakes. The ones that sit straight on the canvas were very easy to figure out and stitched up quickly. But putting them on a slant for the four corners wasn’t easy to figure out. I got one done on scrap canvas so I thought I was ready to go. But when it was time to stitch it on the rug, I decided that it didn’t look very good and was a little too big compared to the others. I kept playing on practice canvas, improving it a little, tearing out most of it and trying it again with minor changes. I think I finally have it figured out. To me, they still aren’t as good as the straight ones, but it’s the best I can do.

The only time for stitching right now is an hour or so each afternoon. I’ll finish the border for the medallion and get a little more background done in navy over the next few days. If I can, I need to keep working on the outer borders up the right side of the rug, which is on the bottom in the photo below.

If things improve here at home, I hope to start working on the rest of the medallion in a few days.


7 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 13

  1. The diagonal snakes look really fine – no difference at all, and I know this isn’t easy. This rug is a beauty!! As Anne says, stitching keeps one sane when the world is a bit crazy around us. It’s the “thread” that holds me together.

  2. Thank you for your comments! They mean a lot to me. I think my perspective is off because of all that is happening here at home. Things are improving and by Wed. things should be back to normal and I’ll get more done at last.

  3. I think the diagonal snakes look great! I can just imagine what a time you had getting them right. Always a challenge to get the same design straight & slanted! I hope everything else is on the mend…

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