Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 14

Things at home have returned to normal today, so starting tomorrow I’ll be working hard on the rug again and getting more done each day. Yeah!!

I’ve started doing the background around the little snakes on the medallion border. I’m using Curry Silk & Ivory in basketweave. The photo below shows how far I got yesterday afternoon.

I also have  the Star border done on the right side and will continue stitching on the Twisted Ribbon and the Skeleton borders over the next few days. Of course, I’m adding to the Navy background a little every day as well. Here is the rug so far:

Watch for the next post in a few day – I’ll be starting the center of the medallion at last. And I’ll be continuing all the borders and the background a little each day.


3 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 14

  1. I like the curry – and it starts to bring that center medallion to life! Stitch a little faster, please – but with care.

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