Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 15

You’ve been patient and I thank you. And now you can see the beginning of the center of the medallion. I started by going around the outside edge of the motif in Burgundy. I’ve started stitching the second layer in Curry. There are three more steps to finish this part of the center. I will hopefully have all but the last one done for the next post. I’m half way done with the background for the medallion border and I’ll keep working a little on that every day as well.

On the rest of the rug, I’ve finished the Star border up the right side and started on the Star border along the top. The Twisted Ribbon border is almost done along the right side and will hopefully be completed all the way around the rug in the next post. Three skeins of Silk & Ivory (Classic Navy) have been used up stitching the background for the medallion and I have finally reached the second corner. I continue to stitch some of the background every day. Because so much of the outer borders are completed now, I know that I’m half way done with this rug and I hope it really flies now.

I’m back to stitching at least 10 strands of thread each day and hope to up it to at least 12 a day from now on. Some parts, like the Navy background, stitch up very fast. Other areas, like the Curry in the Snake border done in basketweave, stitch up slowly. That’s why I work on so many different areas each day. When one of my rugs is over half done, I don’t want to work slowly. I’m in hurry to get it done, but done right. It’s like reading a mystery book. When I get to the last 100 pages, I don’t want to stop until it’s finished. So I’m heading upstairs now to move things along.


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