Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 16

Let’s start with the medallion. I worked on this Saturday morning, filling in more of the border around the Snake motifs. Then I added a row of Cabernet around the inside of the center motif and then a double row of Bordeaux. I hope to finish the border and the inside of the center motif for the next post.

A question for all of you watching this –

Will the center be okay if I just fill in the area surrounding the center motif with the lightest red?

Or do I need to add a small motif to the surrounding area? I’ve been playing with a Sparrow motif that would point to the area where the the arms of the motif meet.

Depending on your answers, I may do one sparrow to see how it will look and then you can comment a second time.

Saturday afternoon and then again on Sunday, I wanted to watch the football playoffs (American football). Since it is more difficult to work on this large project downstairs, I decided I would only work on the outside borders. As you can see in the photo below, I got quite a bit done. The borders are done all the way up the right side and I’ve got over half of them done on the top of the rug as well. I’ll finish the Twisted Ribbon and Star borders today. Then I’ll be able to start on the first of the Motif bands. Things are moving along a little faster now and I’m happy!

I’m also pleased with this last photo. It’s a very dreary, wet day in Northern California. We expect up to 8 inches of rain by Friday. I worried about taking photos today, but with the new Ott lamp set up beside the new frame, the colors are very true to the colors of the Silk & Ivory.


8 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 16

  1. Absolutely beautiful so far, Jan! Your Ott light is terrific for seeing the photos. As for the center medallion, I think I personally would like to see something inside. Looking forward to seeing the Swallow motif!

  2. I’m on the fence. I love your motifs and patterns and think that maybe the ends of the rug need to be balanced in the center by something strong but at the same time I love the texture in the blue and don’t want to be distracted from that. Sorry I was no help. I am sure I’ll like whatever you decide.

  3. Looking really gorgeous. Rich and elegant. As to the addition of a motif in the center it depends on the effect you wish to achieve. Do you want to emphasise the rich borders on each end or do you want an overall intricate effect? I think a motif in the center would take emphasis away from the borders but if you want an intricate look overall you may need more in the middle.

    Maybe you could leave the center motif and complete the rest first and see what it is like then. Or have a play in photo editing or cut and paste a printout of the other end to give you an idea of the finished effect. With the large area of navy stitching you really don’t want to get a “bullseye” effect in the middle.

    Love what you have done so far.

    Jacqui (in Auckland, New Zealand)

  4. Hi Jan,

    The colors in the final picture are beautiful!

    I would like to see something additional in the center medallion as I think it would add some more emphasis to the center to balance the center with the borders, especially the side borders.

    I like the idea of a sparrow as it would add some additional interest as everything so far has been geometrics.

    How about stitching the center part of the center medallion, the blue background and the sides and leave this section empty? You can then decide later what if anything you want to add as it won’t take long to stitch.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide to do. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

  5. Thank you all for your comments here and in email. Since I said I had figured out a sparrow motif I could use, I had more or less decided that I needed to add something to the medallion. I have finished stitching the medallion center so this afternoon I’ll try the sparrow motif and see how it looks. If I like it, I’ll put some light red around it and let you see it for more comments.

  6. After seeing the rug with more of the blue background, would you think of putting little motifs scattered around? To me that is a big blue expanse and needs to be broken up. As for the center motif, try the sparrow and see what happens. Just my thoughts.

  7. It’s beautiful the way it is. The colors are so vibrant and rich. Like the stitch choices too. Congratulations for keeping on track with this large project, it’s what I would call a “lifetime” project.

  8. I quite agree on not breaking up the background. It would become quite cluttered, and lose it’s quiet, but exciting elegance.

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