Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 17

The center medallion motif is complete. Many people who commented said I should draw some of the colors from the outer borders to add to interest and to tie all the pieces of the design together. Of course I had an advantage there, since I knew that was what I would do for the center of the medallion already. But it was great to hear from so many of you and see what ideas and suggestions you had. Thank you! And you can comment again today about the Swallows if you want – too much, looks good, tear them out, whatever. I hate to rip out stitches, but if most of you think it’s just not worth it, I’ll take the time to rethink it. Thank you again, in advance.

I’ve decided to add the Sparrows to the medallion center. I did a sample first, traced it onto paper and cut it out. Then I could lay them in different places to see where they would look the best. Then I stitched two Swallows in one of the four segments of the medallion. I’ve marked the canvas so that the Swallows will be in the exact same places in each of the four segments. Then I started stitching around them in Claret, the lightest of the five red colors I’ve been using. In order to keep the stitching neat and easier to stitch, I’m going to change the stitching direction of the Basketweave for each segment to match the Diagonal Mosaic I used for the outer row of the center medallion. So here it is where I left off yesterday afternoon.

Because I spent so much time playing with the background of the medallion, I didn’t quite finish the Snake border. I’ll finish it today. I’ve started stitching the framework for the first motif row as well. I’ve counted and marked the canvas for each of the motif rows and the Twisted Ribbon borders so I know where the Navy background should end. I’m almost to the point where I’ll have very long rows of background to stitch and don’t want to have to tear out stitches if I don’t pay attention and stitch too far.

I’m running low on Claret thread and will have to make a trip to the LNS early next week, but I have lots of things to work on here. I’ll start by finishing the Snake border around the medallion. Then I can work on the framework for the first motif row, do a little more on the medallion background, and always do a little Navy background every day.

The rain continues here in Northern California. Yesterday they finally decided that El Nino has arrived and we should be very wet for the next few weeks. After three years of drought, it’s nice to listen to the rain when I go to bed each night. This is the perfect weather for stitching and reading. I plan to do both a lot over the next few days.

6 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 17

  1. I vote for the swallows, as I love the interest they add to the medallion area. The repetition of color and the way each will face when finished both draw my eye to the center and then back out to the edges so that I don’t miss any part of this masterpiece.

  2. Hi Jan,

    I’m voting to keep the swallows. They look very nice. Especially in the picture that you took that shows the whole rug.

    To see how it would look when finished, I covered up the right side of the rug with my hand. Very nice, especially since it pulls some of the blue into the center medallion.

    Windy Meadow

  3. The sparrows are a nice touch to tie in the colors. And the stitches you’ve used on your rug, particularly the choices for the borders, would be a challenge on any size canvas and are masterful on this large project.

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