Selecting Needlepoint Projects

I need to start planning a new project. It takes several weeks to select the motifs to use, decide how to stitch them, and plan the layout. I said I had four ideas that have calling to me and I have a color scheme selected for each of them. Let me show you – then you can help me decide where to go next.

1. A pillow using the colors from the medallion rug and using some of the motifs from the rug and maybe some new ones as well.

2. Moroccan Ribbons – This is an antique embroidery (on the top) and I love the shape of it. What I want to do is take the shape of the outer ribbons and then do all the stitches and patterns to fill it in completely on my own. I’ve already selected the colors – navy, garnet, and a touch of yellow gold (shown on the bottom). I’ve pulled lots of different threads so I can make decisions on them as I plan the layout – a sparkling center perhaps. Maybe the White Gold Snow instead of yellow?

3. I love working on my large rugs, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t stitch a smaller sized one. I’m thinking of 5 X 7 on Congress Cloth (which would just under 7 x 10 on 18 ct). I have several hanks of Needlepoint Inc. silk that would make a nice, soft palette rug.

4. The next large rug will be the same style as the Blue Middle Atlas rug. Different colors and different motifs. As with all of my larger rugs, this will be stitched on 13 ct. canvas using Silk & Ivory.

Since I haven’t started working on the motifs or layout  in detail for any of these projects, I could start the planning process for any of them and have one ready to go in another 2-3 weeks. I’ll start thinking about another large rug (in the teal above) but I think a change of pace for a month would be nice.

So what does everyone think? What should I spend my evenings planning? I want to do them all, so I just need a push in the right direction for the first one to work on. And thank you all in advance.


6 responses to “Selecting Needlepoint Projects

  1. Love all of them, especially the Moroccan Ribbons. I’m also very interested in seeing how these would look in a smaller size so I would love to see one stitched on Congress Cloth. I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful though.

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