Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 20

The center medallion is finished! It took more than a skein of Claret to fill in the background.

With that done, I moved to the top of the rug and started to work. The first of the Twisted Ribbon borders is now done and you can see below that I’ve started stitching the first of the Octagons for that motif row. I’ve also filled in a lot more Classic Navy for the background.

So what I have left to do is the Octagon motif row, another Twisted Ribbon border and a lot of background. You can see a line across the canvas just to the left of the first Octagon. This is where the Navy background will end. I’ll alternate between these two areas each day till everything is done. The background goes quickly, so I’ll do 3-4 strands of Navy after I do 2 strands of threads on the Octagons.

It’s now looking like this rug will be done by the end of next week!! It always amazes me how quickly I get these rugs finished. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

6 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 20

  1. Hi Jan,

    Love the center! Thanks so much for sharing the closeup photo as we can really see those sparrows. They look wonderful on the center medallion!

    Windy Meadow

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