Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 21

I’ve worked hard for several days and I am making progress. Two octagons are finished and two more are getting there. And lots of strands of navy have been used. I originally thought that 6 skeins of navy would be enough to do the entire background. No such luck. I opened the 8th skein yesterday and I still have a ways to go.

Today’s goal is to finish the 3rd and 4th octagons and work my way down to the bottom left corner of the background. If I can get that much done today (big maybe), then I will be able to finish the rug by the end of the week. That’s what I’m hoping for and planning.

Here’s the rug this morning before I start my stitching.

See you on Friday – hopefully with a completed rug!


5 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Progress 21

  1. Jan,

    I was trying to find the information about how big is this rug and could not put my hand on it, but it does seem like 18 or 24 inches long. Am I hot or cold here (grinning)?

    I find myself that those big pieces are really a labor of love, but they are really worth the time spent on them.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  2. Hi Jan,

    Wow! You have made great progress and I expect you’ll have it finished on schedule. šŸ™‚

    Windy Meadow

  3. Ditto on Anne’s comment – it’s truly a beauty. That center medallion is glorious – it’s “static” but yet it moves. Right where it should be. (if that makes sense.)

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