Needlepoint Rug 5 – Finale

I spent about 4 intense hours in my needlepoint room today and finished the Medallion Rug! It has turned out even better than I had imagined. I’m so pleased. And now I’ll take tomorrow off and then work on the newly adopted Patchwork Quilt rug on Sunday.

67 days (9 weeks and 4 days)

29 skeins of Silk & Ivory (9 skeins of Classic Navy for the background)

We’ll get it framed, probably next month. I had planned to hang it in the needlepoint room, but my husband suggested today that we hang it in the open stairway leading to the second floor. We’ll have to think about it.

Next week I’ll tell you about the next project. Thank you all for your suggestions on what to do next. It will probably be the Moroccan Ribbons while I work on motifs for the new Teal rug. Have a great weekend!


9 responses to “Needlepoint Rug 5 – Finale

  1. Absolutely certifiably gorgeous! Congratulations, Jan! A monumental piece of work which you can be so proud of! The colors, the motifs, the stitching–all add up to a glorious whole.

    Enjoy the Super Bowl and then get back to stitching!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love the birds and how they create eye appeal. All of the elements work well together. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Ta Daaaa! Congratulations on finish this monumental piece. It’s extraordinary and I cannot wait to see what’s next. Wherever you end up hanging this wonderful piece of needlework, it will be the focal point of any room.

  4. Hi Jan,

    It’s beautiful!

    Congratulations on finishing the rug. I agree that the rug needs to be hung where everyone can see your beautiful workmanship.

    Windy Meadow

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