Needlepoint Moroccan Ribbons

I showed you this embroidery piece a week ago when I was trying to decide what to work on next.

This is a rare blue embroidery piece from Fez, Morocco – 19th century. It was part of a Museum Exhibit called Windows on the Mahgreb. One of the stitches used was the Algerian Eye, so I’m thinking that would be a good stitch to incorporate into the design of the needlepoint version. Below are the threads I will be using. I pulled out the yellow and found a couple other threads that will work with the White Gold color of Snow.

I want to focus on the darker shades of blue and red, but other shades will be used as well. I started by stitching the ribbon edges first. I used navy blue Very Velvet and the Gobelin stitch over two threads. I haven’t figured out everything for this project yet, so we’ll have to see how things develop.

This shows how far I got with the first card of Very Velvet. The inner area is 5 inches square. The whole design will be just over 8 inches square.


4 responses to “Needlepoint Moroccan Ribbons

  1. The colors are wonderful!! I look forward to this one – have you ever tried YLI Ribbon Floss instead of Neon Rays? It’s much easier to use, and prettier. It’s always so interesting to see your adaptations from these pieces according to your own style.

  2. Not that there’s any pressure, but I think we’ll be watching another masterpiece in the making! Love the color palette and I agree the YLI Ribbon Floss is much nicer to use, but I am not sure if it has as wide a color range as Neon Rays. Definitely worth the change if possible.

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