Moroccan Zellig Tile – Revisited

Remember this project?

I was asked to teach this tile at my local ANG chapter meeting on March 1st. So over the last couple of weeks I have been stitching a new version to show them on Monday night. I went for more traditional Moroccan colors – blue, yellow and white. This is the deadline I was talking about last week. Now that the stitching is finished, I can show you the new version. I used mostly floss and filled in all the spaces this time (like Anne Stradal did in her version). I wanted to be able to show both versions, so people could decide which way to go for their version of the tile. So here is the new one:

A bit on the bright side, isn’t it?

I’m working on the stitching instructions now and hope to have them available for everyone next week. My husband and I are trying to figure out a way to put it online so it can be downloaded from the website after you purchase it. If all else fails, I’ll email it like I’ve done for the coaster instructions.


3 responses to “Moroccan Zellig Tile – Revisited

  1. Lovely! I like them both. The new one is more traditional, and I like the spaces filled in, but the first one is really pretty too. Nicely done! Your guild members should be thrilled. Lucky ladies.

  2. Bright? Maybe. But beautiful? Absolutely! I love combining blue/white with yellow, and this one is terrific! Wish I could join in on the class–your ANG members are lucky people!

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