Adopted Rug – Progress 1

I brought home this beautiful, huge rug just over a month ago. I promised that I would work on it on Sundays only. Four Sundays have now passed and I’ve stitched for 3-4 hours on each of the four Sundays. Here’s what it looked like when I started working on the first Sunday.

The outer border of navy with cream dots was completed across the top of the first square and part of the side was done as well. The square itself was about a third done. My hope is to complete this first square in 6 weeks – just the square and not stitching on any of the borders. After four weeks, this is where it stands.

When I work on it tomorrow, I will do mostly the off-white part of the design, trying to fill in all that is left. If time permits, I’ll do the cream band that leads to the last of the dark red stars. The next Sunday I’ll finish the square and then spend any time I have left working on the borders along the right side of the square. Progress is being made and I still love this rug. I’m so glad I got it. Is 2 years to complete it really pushing it at only one day a week? We’ll see. But I wanted a goal to shoot for!


One response to “Adopted Rug – Progress 1

  1. This is so beautiful. Worked in these colors, it doesn’t have that “country/folksy” look that so many pieces in traditional American Patchwork do – it would blend with the other adaptations from many cultures and styles. In the 70’s, these were called the “Imari colors” and were very fashionable for home decor. I am a great lover of patchwork.

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