Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 6

Feeling better and working hard. I’ve finished the Motif 2 band at both ends of the rug. The rug is about 4 inches of stitching at each of the ends now.

No, you’re not seeing things. There are stripes showing through on the canvas. The small rug frame I use for my rugs sits in front of the adopted rug and its frame. The stripes comes from the cover on the adopted rug. This little room gets sunlight in the afternoons and you can see sun spots on the photo as well.

You can see that the motif of little squares isn’t matching on the two ends. I changed the order of the pastels colors around for the top of the rug. The next two motifs that I work on will have lots of teal and less of the other colors. Just to give your eyes a break from those pretty  spring colors. I did just one of the next motif to see how it would look.

I’ll be alternating this medium shade of teal with the lightest shade across the row. Tomorrow is my day to work on the adopted rug, so I’ll work on this new motif band on Monday.

While giving my left thumb a rest, I have been very busy on other things. I have a list of ideas for new projects and I spent time writing them all down and in some cases adding sketches. Last night, I got a new zellig tile design onto the computer. It needs a few tweaks and then I should be able to start stitching it up. I have another project that I’m playing with for the Quest Challenge for this year’s ANG Seminar on mosaics. And last night I also started working on stitches to do a Moroccan architecture piece. The next rug is on the list and two pillows. I’m just bursting with ideas this week! Lots of things for you to look forward to.


3 responses to “Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 6

  1. Looking great, and the colors are growing on me. It must be mirroring the happiness I feel looking out at the spring sun. I am glad to hear your thumb is feeling better.

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