Finally! I’m stitching

After seeing my doctor on Thursday, I have the go ahead to do a little stitching. I’m working slowly, but it gets a little better each day. I did only one strand of Silk & Ivory on Thursday, then one and a half Friday morning and again on Friday afternoon. Here’s how far I got.

That’s about a third of the way across. I’ll do more today and hope to have the row done in another day or so. Then I’ll do the divider which I’ve used between all the motifs. So in a few days I will finally get to start a new motif. Here is a photo of the first four motifs all done.

See you in a few days. I’m off to stitch quite happily for a little while!


5 responses to “Finally! I’m stitching

  1. I’m so pleased to see you stitching again at last – I’ve really missed watching this in progress. Don’t overdo it!!

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