Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 10

I’ve finally finished the Hooks motif and added most of the divider above it. To avoid having to rip out another motif, I’ve basted above the diverder to verify that the new motif will fit perfectly. Then I started on the other side to actually stitch Motif #5.

The new motif is a variation of the Nose. In other rugs, I used Sprat’s Heads for the Nose, but I wanted something different this time. So I created a framework in the shape of the Nose – seen on the right in the photo below. I then filled in the diamond shapes with Smyrna Crosses. I’m alternating the medium and dark teal for the framework and the darker spring colors for the crosses.

There will 7 of these across the row. I’ll use the teal color from the dividers in between the motifs and then fill in the rest with white, the lightest teal color and the lighter matching color from the crosses. I’ll be back when I have the first side done. I’m stitching about an hour a day now. My hand continues to improve and I hope it will be back to normal in another week.

Here is the rug so far:


4 responses to “Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 10

  1. I have been following the progress of your rugs for several weeks now, and was very sorry to hear about the injury to your hand. I am glad that you are now able to do more stitching. I look forward to your posts, and watching the rug grow. I love the colors you have chosen and the way they work together.

    I do have a question. You mentioned that you are using Silk n Ivory for this rug. How many strands are you using? Can Silk n Ivory be used on 18 count canvas also, or is too heavy for that?

    Thanks. Sandi

  2. This is an awesome work! Now it’s looking like a rug – I’m so glad your hand is functional, both for your sake and mine, as I’ve missed watching your art emerge.

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