Adopted Rug – Progress 2

After 3 weeks of not being able to work on this large canvas, I finally spent some time with it over the past 3-4 days. I did only 2 threads a day for the first 3 days and got the first square completed. Yesterday, I worked on the off-white and dark blue borders to the right of the first square. I also stitched one cream colored thread and put little dots in the large outer border so I can work on that next weekend.

After next weekend, my DH is going to help me remove the very large scroll frame from the supports and turn the whole thing around. I’ve decided that I want to get the entire first row of three squares and all the borders done before I move down the rug to the next row. So I’ll put up a photo next week to show you how much was already stitched on the left side when I got the rug. I think I’ll be working on all of that through the summer, but I’ll give you an update once a month so you’ll know that I’m working on it.

I thought this would take 2 years to finish (I’m an optimist, aren’t I?) Guess I should change that to 3 years now. My goal will be to finish it by the end of 2012. Wish me luck!


2 responses to “Adopted Rug – Progress 2

  1. You can do it – it’s a beauty, and I’m sure a relief from the design work you do – a relaxing sort of thing. I do envy your acquiring this, but can enjoy it as you stitch and show pictures.

  2. That’s a fair amount of work you’ve accomplished, Jan! Maggie Lane once wrote that stitching a rug shouldn’t be that intimidating, since people often spend two months stitching just a pillow. Figure out how many “pillows” are in your rug, and you can “guestimate” how long it will take you to finish it.

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