Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 12

Motif #5 is completed on both sides of the rug now and the border has been added. I think the border helps to settle this row down just a little bit. Liz said this motif reminds her of May baskets. It reminds me of butterflies.

With this motif finished, each side of the rug is about eight and a half inches, with about that much left to do in the center.

This morning I started on the next motif. I talked about this one when I posted about creating motifs for this rug. It looks like a giant rice stitch and I only showed the stitches to create the rice stitch itself without any background because I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do. And this is what I came up with, finally.

I stitched the background, leaving a space between each triangle of long stitches. (I now see that I need to add a stitch to the bottom one on the right.) Then I went back and added stitches for the giant rice stitch. I like the way it looks. You can also see that I basted across the row to make sure that the motif will fit properly. Now I can continue across the row and add some white between the motifs.


5 responses to “Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 12

  1. This looks somewhat like a flower garden – it’s beautiful, and very well “thought out” and planned. Gorgeous colors.

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