Patchwork Rug – Progress 3

After stitching on this rug Sunday and a little on Monday, I finished the narrow off-white band and the narrow, dark blue band. I then stitched down the right side on the outer border. I didn’t finish the outer band all the way down the side of the first square, but will go back to it another time.

My husband and I took the large scroll frame off the floor stand, turned the side pieces around, and then put it back on the floor stand. My husband helped me scroll the rug until the top edge of the rug was showing and tightened everything up. This is how is looks now.

For the next 4 months, I’ll be working on the rest of this first row of patchwork squares. I’ll start by working the off-white band that runs across the top of the second square. Then I can work on expanding the outer border.

You can see that a little stitching was done on each of the remaining squares in this row. Since you are supposed to start with the lightest colors first, I’ll have to be careful as I work around the areas that already stitched. Once I have the off-white band and the outer band stitched about half way across the second square, I’ll start working on the off-white background of the square itself.  The narrow, dark blue band will be stitched last. I’ll complete the second square down to the rose square that is already stitched and then move across the square. I’ll do another update on this rug in about 4-6 weeks and we’ll see how far I get on this second square.


3 responses to “Patchwork Rug – Progress 3

  1. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for sharing your progress on the Patchwork Rug. Very nice!

    Do you have enough thread that you can undo stitch the portions that are already stitched or do you have to keep them stitched so as not to run out of thread?

    I can’t remember… but are you stitching this with Paternayan wool?

    Windy Meadow

  2. I was always taught to stitch the light colours last, for fear of dust and colour transfer – but then if you stitch quickly enough I suppose it doesn’t matter!

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