Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 15

I worked on lots of background on Saturday and then began to worry. There was so much medium teal that I was worried that it would overwhelm the rest of the rug. I came up with lots of ideas to break up the teal along the left side where it was so dense, but quickly tossed most of them. The solution was to add half of the Double Horn motif at the edge. All the other motifs went completely across their rows and the center should do the same thing. So here is half of the center as it stands right now.

Now I feel better about it. I’ll continue across the center now adding one and a half Double Horn motifs and 4 more Fish. When the background is done, I’ll fill in the fish to complete the whole rug. It should be done by Thursday or Friday. Here is the rug today.

The timing is really good for finishing this rug. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be attending a workshop taught by Terry Dryden. And then she will present a smaller project at our local chapter meeting on Monday night. I’m really looking forward to both of those projects.


6 responses to “Teal Needlepoint Rug – Progress 15

  1. I have watched each day as you built this teal rug. That piece is really neat, and shows a great eye for design and color. Good for you.

  2. Do my eyes deceive me? On close examination, the center motifs don’t seem to be centered. It looks like they need to be moved to the right by one thread.

  3. It looks good – but please no more to break up the teal in the center, as that’s what makes the colors and patterns on the ends and borders look so fine. It shouldn’t compete with them. You are a genius!!

  4. Judy, you have a sharp eye. There is an error, but I’ve decided not to rip it out. The error? The center motif is one thread lower than the others. I don’t mind that little error. On other rugs I have purposely moved things up and down one or two threads so that they look more like the real Berber rugs. They don’t worry about exact layouts. So I’m not worrying either.
    I’m glad to see people are really looking at my work with a critical eye to stitching and to the colors. I welcome all the comments.

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