Terry Dryden Workshop

Terry Dryden came to our local ANG chapter to teach her Safari piece over the weekend. You can see it on her website here. It’s a fun piece and we had a great time talking, stitching and learning for two days. Here is my piece after two days in the workshop – with away knots and threads all over the place.

To make sure we wouldn’t have any problems when we went home to work on our own, Terry had us start each of the patterns in the piece. We had a few new threads to work with as well. Stef Francis Spun Silk is an overdyed thread that is thin in some places and a little thicker in others. You can see this thread on the left, in the middle. It was used to stitch the reddish diamonds. and it alternates with an eggplant #8 perle thread. The other new thread was Sea Grass by Thread Gatherer. This thread is 100% cotton. I’ve heard about this one, but I’ve never used it. I’ll get a lot of experience with this piece, since it has four different colors of Sea Grass.

The right side of the piece was worked on yesterday. It will have patches of giraffe, cheetah, and zebra. Some giraffe spots are done, some tiny patches of cheetah spots are in, and the beginning of the zebra stripes.

I’ve decided that I will complete the zigzag area on the right first. It separates the three animal patterns. Then decide what to work on next. Terry had us go down the left side first. So after I finish the zigzag area, maybe I’ll go back to the beginning of the stitch guide and work my way through it.


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