Needlepoint Rug #6 – Planning

I showed you the inspiration for the next rug about a week ago – an antique rug. I received all the Silk & Ivory threads a few days ago, so it’s time to move on to the motifs I’ll use and plan the layout.

To begin a new project, I have to select which motifs I want to use. I’m intrigued by the larger motifs in this rug, since I’ve only done fairly small ones so far. First up is my favorite motif from this rug. I don’t know how big this rug is since I only have a photo of a portion of it. I’m thinking that the entire rug will be done in mosaic stitch but that could change.

The next step is to sketch out how my adaptation of the motif will look in needlepoint. My rug will be much smaller than the original, so my motifs will have to be smaller as well. I sketched this out on graph paper and liked what I had done. The next day I put onto the computer using a cross-stitch program.

The third step in creating motifs is to do a practice sample of the motif, which I will do tonight. I’ll try doing it in Mosaic stitch first to see how that looks and what size it will be. I’m thinking that this rug will be huge is I do all Mosaic stitches. Doing it in Mosaic, each square on the chart will be one Mosaic stitch. We’ll see how this largest motif works.  This motif could end up being 5.5 inches by 18.5 inches!!

I don’t know that I want to create a rug that big. So I may have to alter how I stitch this. I’ll let you know with the next post. I hope to have a couple of smaller motifs created by then as well.


3 responses to “Needlepoint Rug #6 – Planning

  1. This one motif would be a lovely thing to frame or make a pillow inset if done in Mosaic stitch. OR – even for people who enjoy it, counted X-stitch. I like your adaptation!

  2. I just picked up a used book, “The Bullfinch Guide to Carpets” that I thought you might be able to use in your design work, but after getting it home found that it deals with antique Oriental carpets. What I found interesting is the similarity of design motifs to some of the rugs that you have shown. If you think you would like to have this book, I will be happy to send it on to you. I paid 50 cents for it at the library used book store!

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