Mosaic Needlepoint Rug #6 – Color and Layout

Plans have really taken a big step forward in the last couple of days. I’ve already bought all the Silk & Ivory thread from Brown Paper Packages. The colors are very similar to the original rug that inspired it. Here are the colors I’ve selected for the rug.

Lots of rust, golden browns, dark browns, and a little olive green. I love the names Brown Paper Packages create for their threads. The 3 rust colors are Nutmeg, Giraffe, and Gazelle. The 2 greens on the right are Pesto and Guacamole. The 3 browns are Cappuccino, Coffee Bean and Espresso. Other colors are Banana, Toast, Butter Rum, Ginger and Peanut Butter. I’ve forgotten a couple but I hope it will all work well together. I have other colors in a drawer upstairs and may dip into that supply if I want a few other colors for accent colors.

Now the motifs and the layout. I decided to create them on the computer first and then do the practice stitching of some of them to see how they would look. So over the weekend I added a second very large motif, two medium sized motifs, and five small ones to use in the 3 narrow bands on the sides and down the middle. When they were done, I printed them out and made extra copies of the medium and small motifs so I could tape them to a large sheet of paper and create a starting point for the layout. Here’s what I came up with.

I may have to do some changes, but the basic layout is here. The two wide bands will have a large motif in the middle and a medium motif at each end. I already know that I need to make a few small changes to the medium motif that is rust with brown around the outside edge. Two of the small motifs will be repeated to create the narrow band between the two wide bands. Three other small motifs will be repeated to create the two outer bands. I didn’t make enough copies of the small motifs to finish the rows, but you get the idea. Now I need to  go over all the motifs and count stitches to make sure everything will work. I need to know how close the motifs need to be to each other and still fit in the allotted space.

That brings up the next decision. The size of the rug. I make all of these larger rugs on 13 count canvas. The rug will be 24″ X 36″ and the canvas was cut to 28″ X 40.” There is a 2″ border around the outside. The next problem is how to make it fit on my 36″ rug frame. I finally attached it to 28″ and 34″ stretcher bars today. I folded over the last 6 inches. When I have most of the rug completed, I’ll take it off these stretcher bars and either move it down 6″ so I can finish or attach it to 40″ stretcher bars and have to complete the rug working the bottom 10″ with it sitting with the narrow edge toward me. This might be okay if most of the rug in already stitched. This will be the largest rug I’ve designed and stitched so far. Since it will be stitching using only the Mosaic Stitch, this rug will move along slower than my other rugs as well. I’ll start the rug the last week of May. Stay tuned.


7 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug #6 – Color and Layout

  1. Gorgeous choice of colors – actually the colors of most of the clothes in my wardrobe! A really nice adaptation of the motifs too. It will be very interesting to see the rug as you progress through the stitching.

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