Terry Dryden’s Safari – Update 1

The first thing I did on this project after the workshop was to go over each of the 10 sections of the piece and stitch enough to finish off all the hanging threads.

Then I decided to work on the zigzag area on the right first. When that was done, I went back to the beginning of the instructions and started working straight through the project. I now have completed the first 2 sections as well.

With 3 of the 10 sections completed, I’ll put this piece away for a week or two. I need to finish the practice stitching for the new rug so I can do a post about it.  I also need to make some progress on the Medallion Pillow so I can do a post Saturday on that. I’ll be out of town for 3 days next week. When I get home, I’ll start the new rug.


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