Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Practice

Before I get started, a few things you should know about my practice stitching:

I don’t use the colors from the rug. I open my drawer of open skeins of Silk & Ivory and pull out about 5 colors – some light and some dark.

I don’t try out all of the motifs. I just want to get an idea of how motifs will looked when they are stitched so I can adapt as I go if necessary. I haven’t done Mosaic stitch for motifs before. Will they maintain their original feel? Do they look too box-like? I’ve draw one with lighter threads – will that hold up in the rug and still be seem? Lots of things to think about.

A little more information about the layout I showed you a few days ago. I’ve redone it so that it is all nice and straight. I’ve added brown around the edges and in between the bands to help each band stand out.

I decided to practice 3 of the small motifs. The first one I stitched with room for 2 Mosaic stitches between the brown lines on the left. I didn’t like it and on the second side I left room for only one Mosaic stitch and I think it looks much better. This is one of the reason I practice some of these motifs first. It helps to finalize the individual motifs. I filled in the interior of the motif on this one to see how the whole motif would look.

Then I tried out 2 more small ones. One is oval shaped and I wanted to see how it would look stitched. I didn’t fill in the background on these 2.

Then it was time to try out one of the large ones. I didn’t stitch the whole motifs, just a part of the center. I also filled in the background for a portion of the center to get a more realistic sense of what it would look like.

If I need to, I’ll play with a few more motifs. Right now I’ll put these away and continue with what I have scheduled for the weekend. Today I’ll work on the Medallion Pillow and post my progress on Monday. Tomorrow I’ll work on the huge Patchwork Rug like I do every Sunday. Have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Practice

  1. Carolyn,
    The Patchwork rug is the rug I adopted in February. It’s 4′ X 5′ in size and I only work on it Sundays. There have been 4 posts – click Needlepoint Rug Canvases in the Categories list to see them all.

  2. I really like the motifs you have here….how big will this one be when completed?

    I’m using some Berber rug motifs at the minute…but not in stitch…just in my sketchbook.

  3. It’s interesting to watch motifs develop as you play with them. I tend not to be disciplined enough to practise beforehand. Maybe I should start!

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