Medallion Pillow – Progress 1

I finished the Twisted Ribbon border and all four of the Octagon motifs. I had a little extra time so I decided to start the medallion in the middle. In the rug, I made two of the sides longer to go with the overall shape of the rug. For the pillow, I decided to keep it more of a square to match the shape of the pillow.

The next time I work on this pillow, I’ll continue on the center and try to get it completed.

There isn’t a lot to see in the pillow yet, but here is what it looks like right now.

I have most of the pillow planned out now, but you’ll have to wait for more details.

I’m off on a small trip tomorrow morning and will be home on Thursday evening. Friday morning I’ll start the new rug and hopefully have a little something to show you on Saturday. We’re getting rained on today (very rare at this time of the year) and I hope the rest of you are having a better day weather-wise.

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