Patchwork Rug – Progress 4

Here’s how it looked when I turned it around last month so I could do the borders across the top and start blocks 2 and 3.

As you can see, there are a few small areas in the two unstitched blocks that have been stitched. For 6 Sundays I have been stitching with off-white and dark blue only. There’s a lot of it. The borders around the entire rug include a narrow band of off-white and the larger border of blue with cream colored dots. These 2 borders make a border of over 4 inches. Since you are supposed to start with the lightest color and work toward the darker colors, I alternated stitching – 1 strand off-white and then 1 strand dark blue. The white border stitched up quickly, so I changed things a little – 1 strand white and then 2 strands of blue for a couple of weeks. When the white band was completed, I started stitching the background of the second square. And once I started on the second square I wanted to keep working on it! So a new rule for stitching this rug has been initiated. On most days, I try to stitch just 2 strands of dark blue before I start on any other stitching (like the new rug). It takes just a few minutes and I can get past 1 or 2 of the dots during the week. This border is about two thirds of the way across the second square now. On Sundays, I stitch only on the square itself. I still alternate white and blue strands so I can get areas filled in.

One point of the first star was already stitched. The first square center and the first diamond in off-white were stitched as well. I’ve stitched 5 points on this first star, filled in a lot of off-white background, and some of the dark blue border along the left and bottom of the square. Since it’s a long reach to do more of the square, I’m only going to stitch part of the square – stitching as far as the top edge of the rose square that is completed. This is an area of about 10 inches – from the edge of the border to the top of the rose square. It gets too hard to stitch an area larger than that.

So I will continue with the new plan and stitch 2 strands of blue on most days. On Sundays, I will finish this first section of the second square and then do the same with the third square, stitching about a third of the that square as well. After that, I’ll turn the whole scroll frame around again and stitch down the canvas like I’m supposed to. Slow progress, but it will get done.


2 responses to “Patchwork Rug – Progress 4

  1. Such a beautiful and timeless thing, this is. It’s probably a great break for you from the ones you design as you go – kind of mindless stitching that is so relaxing. I envy your system of self discipline.

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