Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 3

I’ve been working on the first of the medium sized motifs over the last few days. I’ve made changes to it, so I guess I should start there. The first version I did had two dark brown Mosaic stitches all the way around the motif. I thought it was too fat and decided to just stitch one dark brown Mosaic stitch around the outside. That’s what I had in the layout that I have shown you.

Last weekend, after starting to stitch the rug, I decided I needed to go over all the numbers again and make sure everything was correct and was going to fit in the size rug I was creating – 24″ X 36.” There are two medium-sized motifs and going over the two motifs, I found that this one is exactly the same width as the second one, but was much shorter. That would mean a lot more background and the design would be heavier on background in the two sections where this motif would appear. I haven’t been too pleased with this one anyway, so I went back to the computer and started changing things around a little. It is now as wide and as tall as the second medium-sized motif and I do like the shape better as well.

Don’t panic! I need to work on the photos before I post them. This is not bright orange. It’s called Giraffe and it’s rust!! Really. It’s lying on its side, but all I did was pull it apart and added two Mosaic stitches to the left and right of the center “wingnuts” and it looks better. This area will be just over 7″ wide (top to bottom in the photo) and 9″ tall. I know the original had lots of small motifs all over but I want a cleaner look for this rug. It’s all planned out with no little extras anywhere. Here is the rug so far – still not a whole lot to see.

I’ve spent some time thinking about my little needlepoint room this past week. I’m going to be moving a lot of things around this week. I’m still trying to get it better organized and get rid of a lot of clutter. With two rug frames in the room, it’s getting hard to get to the window to open and close the blinds. Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 3

  1. I’m wishing you luck. I love being organized, have a hard time staying organized and often get distracted while I’m organizing. Using the same stitch throughout is really changing the feel of this rug from your last ones. What an interesting development.

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