Terry Dryden’s Safari – Progress 2

I’ve finished all the areas that were covered on the first day of the workshop. So I’m half done.

The reason I wanted to show you this today is because of the overdye that Terry used for part of this piece. In the zigzag section on the upper right, she used #5 perle and at the bottom just above and below the gold diamonds, she used Silk & Colors stranded silk. Both are called Acorn Woods from Thread Gatherer and use the exact same dyes. But the perle silk has more muted colors, the stranded silk stronger colors. This is a good example of how different types of threads will take the dye differently. When you are planning the color scheme for a project, keep this in mind. Check the different threads available from a specific company that are dyed the same – have the same name. Each will give a little different influence on the design. You will have to decide which would work best on your design – muted or stronger colors. Interesting. And I love this particular color and have ordered some that I can use on a future project.


3 responses to “Terry Dryden’s Safari – Progress 2

  1. This looks wonderful! You have gotten soooo much done. I have made a note to get some of that overdye, too. I really like it.
    I have noticed the same thing with Watercolours & Waterlilies. The same color isn’t the same but work well together.

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