Getting Organized

No stitching yesterday – not feeling well and very little sleep. So I worked on getting my little needlepoint room organized. The room is only about 8′ X 10′. And you know I have a 3′ rug frame and a 5′ rug frame in there. It’s not completely done, but here’s a peek. I’m standing in the doorway to take the photo.

The right-hand wall with the patchwork rug is only about 8′ long. The door to the room is on a slant so there isn’t a full wall here. The tall bookcase holds needlepoint books, stitch books, and research about rugs, Morocco, and Berbers. The small bookcase to the left of it holds books I haven’t read yet, mostly novels but a few non-fiction as well. As I read books and remove them from the shelf, I’ll have more room for needlepoint books. Continuing to the left are two thread cabinets that hold lots of threads I use in my smaller needlepoint pieces – perle #5 and #8, floss, silk, Watercolors, Kreinik, etc.

The last item on the left is a grid wall that I just put up. Since I don’t want to attach anything to the walls, I put this together with legs attached and the grid wall itself is about a foot from the wall. This way I can use both sides. I am acquiring a large number of skeins and hanks of Silk & Ivory since I use that for my rugs. I’m only using the top half of the grid wall since I have two cats who would love to play with my threads if they had the chance. I emptied the 2 drawers of Silk & Ivory and got them put up on the hooks – 147 skeins and I have more coming next week!

I’ve tried to group them by color family in most cases. The three hooks on the far right are for the current rug and any left over will have to be moved back to their color families when I’m done. The group of blues on the bottom row toward the right is for the next smaller project that I will be working on for our bedroom. Those are half hanks hanging along with skeins. I’ll also be using a lot of white in that project. For now it’s ready to go after I finish Safari.

On the back of the grid wall, I can hang tote bags with projects that are underway or ready for stitching. I only have one hanging back there at this point – Stitching Sudoku. The canvas is in the bag, all the instructions we’ve received so far and all the threads needed to complete the project. Right now all my projects that aren’t finished are stored in the closet and get in the way all the time. Maybe this will help out a little.

What you can’t see in the photo is the desk behind the current rug, a file cabinet, and a storage cabinet. At the moment they are stacked with stuff I need to go through so they are filed away neatly and easily accessible. I’ve always been so organized and I just can’t seem to keep it together any more. I think I have two many projects going at the same time, and too many projects I want to start. Right now I have 5 projects going on at once. I need to get that down to 3 or 4. Maybe after Safari is finished.

I did stitch a little today and will finish the medium motif tomorrow and the background around it. Then I can post tomorrow or Friday with some progress.


4 responses to “Getting Organized

  1. It’s so lucky to have space just for our stash and projects and you’ve done a nice job organizing. Fun to see a glimpse of the rug and of course, Safari over there on the stand. Take it easy, our stitching is to be a source of enjoyment and accomplishment not a competition with ourselves. Sometimes I fear there might not be enough time, but I just keep to my stitching one day at a time and I make steady progress and I have to be happy with that. I hope you’re feeling better today; you might just need a day off.

  2. Sorry you’re not feeling well – I hate to hear it! What a beautiful room for stitching – and neat and organized!! I hope you’ll be stitching full steam ahead soon.

  3. Hope you’re fully recovered by now, have just found you. Your room is wonderful – how very clever of you to use both sides of the grid panel (will be copying that idea, ASAP). Would love to be able to suggest an organizational tip or two, but you are waaaay ahead of me!

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