Mindy’s Africa

I’ve told you several times that I have 5 projects going at once. So it’s time to show you the fifth project – an African theme piece by Mindy. I bought this over a year ago and decided that I needed to get it stitched because I love the colors.

Most of this piece will be stitched in Basketweave. I want the colors to be the focus, not the stitches. I’ve been working on the left side of the piece so far. The bottom left is the only section that is completely done. Using pale beige and black Splendor I filled in the geometric design, then went back across the top and bottom of the area to fill in the little dots with #210  pale gold Kreinik #12 braid. I’m hoping that when I fill in the two other areas across the bottom the gold will show up better.

The columns on the left have a variety of threads. The lighter brown is Impressions, the dark rust brown is floss, the two teal colors are Sheep’s Silk from Thread Gatherer, the other colors are all Splendor. The stripes in the background are all done in Neon Rays using the Brick stitch. I did have to buy  colors of Splendor but everything else was in my stash, including two spools of the Kreinik braid.

I’m stitching parts of the columns first, filling in the Neon Ray stripes as I go. The last step is to outline the columns with black and I’ve only done a little of that so far to see how it would look (3 short sections done on the left).

The next section to the right of the columns is just teal and black. The bottom half of this section is completed and the top half has all the darker shade of teal done. I hope to finish these two sections of the piece over the next week. There will be more metallics in other parts of the design, not just the gold. I’ll put those touches in when the rest of the piece is completed.


4 responses to “Mindy’s Africa

  1. Of course I love “anything Mindy” – this is a classy piece, and I’m glad you’re not doing textured stitches on it. That would ruin the effect. BTW, DMC Satin Floss now comes in 60 colors – gorgeous, they are, and so easy to use (relatively). I wish you had them for this canvas instead of the Neon Rays!

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