Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 5

A post three days in a row! This doesn’t happen very often, so enjoy.

I’ve been working on the narrow band that runs through the middle of the rug. There are 2 motifs that I will alternate for this band. These are different from the ones that are being used for the sides of the rug.

Like the motifs along the outside edge, I’m varying the colors that I use in each repeat of a motif. I’ve also added another green to the mix – Dill Pickle. It’s darker than Guacamole and lighter than Pesto. So there are now 4 greens that I can use in all the motifs.

Here is the rug so far.

This afternoon I’ll do the brown border on the left side of this narrow band, work the two rows of brown across the bottom for the next medium-sized motif and start the background for it. Tomorrow I should be able to start work on the new motif. This means I have one eighth of the rug complete. Wish I could stitch a little faster, but I stitch less each day now so I don’t make my right hand hurt. So it’s take it easy time.


6 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 5

  1. You are really progressing with this. I really like the way the mosaic stitch makes the whole rug look like it’s made up of little tiles.

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