Patchwork Rug – Progress 5

Monday is the day I usually show you what other projects I’m working on and what progress has been made. Not enough done to show you on Safari or Mindy’s Africa, so today it’s the Patchwork Rug.

The second block is completed as far as I can go with the current setup. It’s almost half done, but all the borders along the top edge of the rug are completed along the edge of this square. So it’s time to move over to the right about a foot and continue with the beginning of third block.

The last block in this first row has one heart already stitched. I’ll stitch the second heart and the two blue triangles that face each other. I’ll starting with the off-white background and will fill in the rose and light blue as the background get done. I’ll continue to stitch two strands of dark blue each day on the wide, outer border too. Since the borders cover two sides of this square, it will take longer to get it all done. But I’m determined to have the top 10″ stitched all the way across by the end of July (maybe sooner). It will be good to get this turned right-side up again, so I can easily scroll my way through the rest of the rug. And then I’ll be stitching it from the top down which is the proper way to stitch in basketweave. I’m really looking forward to that!


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