Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 7

I almost got the second medium -sized motif done. I filled with Lion and Tiger, added some Sagewood and Dill Pickle greens, then stitched the background in Butter Rum. I’ll be able to finish it up this afternoon.

When that is done, I’ll add the brown border and start working on the last narrow band that will be the same as the very first band. My next post will show the rug one fourth done after four weeks of stitching. Not too bad. Here it is so far.

When the first three motifs are done in the last band, I’ll move the chair over about 6 inches and start again by continuing the last band over three more motifs. Then I’ll get to start the first of the very large motifs. Remember these large motifs are 18 inches long! I’ll do one half at a time as I work my way across the rug a second time to complete the first half of the rug.


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