Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 8

Looks like I just got started, doesn’t it?

It’s actually the last of the narrow borders to complete the first pass across the rug. This section needs one more motif so match up to the other sections in length. The rug is now 9″ long and 24″ wide. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever if I would ever get this far. This rug moving along slowly.

Here’s the rug so far. I’ll continue stitching on the narrow band on the left, doing as much as I can until I get to the folded over section. That will take me to almost three quarters of the way up the rug. Then I’ll work on the first on the very large motifs. I like the way this is looking. Wish I could figure out a way to move it along a little faster.


8 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 8

  1. Is there more solid background in this rug than in your others? If so, I was just thinking that might be why it seems like it’s taking long so you. For me, I’m always amazed, if not startled, at the speed you finish these rugs. Have a great weekend!

  2. Most of your previous rugs incorporated long stitches, which work up more quickly. All those little mosaic stitches take time!

  3. As Beau Brummel said, when his tailor was inventing the first tuxedo, “Haste is the enemy of Perfection.” I’m amazed at how rapidly you do these things too – just enjoy the journey, and the destination will come soon enough. I love watching!!

  4. Jan, I’m in awe of your work and talent.
    I love watching the progress of your rugs.. they’re all beautiful!

  5. Donna asked if there was more background in this rug. The only other rug that had lots of background was the Medallion Rug – lots of navy blue for the center of that one. But Anne is correct – the Mosaic Stitch takes longer and there aren’t any of the longer stitches that I usually use. I love the look and feel of this rug and I know it will be done eventually, so I’m just enjoying the stitching. I normally finish a rug in 9-10 weeks. It looks like this one will be take 12 weeks or so. But it’s also the largest rug I’ve created so I guess that is to be expected. Thank you all for your comments. I love hearing from all of you!

  6. Hi Jan,

    It’s looking great and you are moving along quite well!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the first of the large motifs.

    I always enjoy stitching with the Mosaic stitch. It’s very adaptable. Just think, it would be taking a lot longer if you were stitching in Basketweave. 🙂

    I also enjoyed seeing your progress on the large quilt project. Very pretty.

    You might feel like you are moving slowly as you have two large projects going at the same time. Even with the smaller projects my “guess” is that you are measuring your time spent stitching by the progress on your large projects. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

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