Mindy’s Africa – Progress 2

When I first showed you this project, I had about a third of the columns and stripes completed. Now that whole section is done. The columns were done in basketweave and the stripes were done in Brick stitch with Neon Rays.

So I’ve moved on to the center square which will be stitched in Basketweave.  Before I started this section I decided to stitch the thin black and metallic border on the left of the square. The fronds are being stitch with the same threads as the columns – a combination of Splendor silk and Sheep’s Silk (50% silk and 50% wool). As I complete each of the fronds, I’ll add the Kreinik gold braid and then stitch around all of it with one strand of Impressions to fill in the background. If you enlarge the photo, you’ll see that the bottom left dark teal frond and the rust frond and the center light teal frond have been stitched, gold was added, and now I’m working on the background.

I’ll work my way across the bottom of the square and then work up the sides and across the top of this section. You’ll see this project again when all the fronds are completed.


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